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Elite Luxuries


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The Elite Luxuries Collection

Straight Bundle

Price - $78 and Up

Curly Bundle

Price - $78 and Up

Body Wave Bundle

Price - $78 and Up

Straight HD Frontal

Price - $98 and Up

Straight Wig

Price - $78 and Up

Curly HD Frontal

Price - $98 and Up

Curly Wig

Price - $78 and Up

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Body Wave HD Frontal

Price - $98 and Up

Body Wave Wig

Price - $78 and Up

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About Me

I started selling hair for my clients the I wanted to expand not just for my clients but everyone. The type of hair that I am providing for woman is raw Indian and Vietnamese hair. This product last about five years with proper care an can be very versatile for all women. This will provide woman with the confidence and luxurious experience they are seeking. This has been my passion since I’ve gotten out Highschool I am a 20 year old black women. I am a women of God so I only walk by faith and his will I know the moment I started, God will have my back because this is my purpose.

Our Mission

Elite luxuries Cosmetics is here to allow easy access to luxury cosmetics to all! Coming soon we will also providing a calm and comfortable space for hair care.

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By Phone: 407-900-7170

Available 9am-4pm EST

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